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Turmeric Beef Stew

When you're in the thick of the polar vortex of the winter months (at least I am, here in Calgary, Alberta!), what's more cozy and comforting than a hearty stew!

My Turmeric Beef Stew is highly anti-inflammatory, easy-to-make, and warms your insides!

A nutrient-dense, fuelling blend of grass-fed/grass-finished stewing beef, complemented by seasonal root veggies (carrot and sweet potato), plenty of warming spices (coriander, cumin and ground ginger), and garnished with some green onion and cilantro!


Stews are versatile! Swap different seasonal veggies in and out as you please, based on what you have at home and what needs to be used up, too.

I've used arrowroot starch (aka arrowroot flour/arrowroot powder - they're one in the same) as a naturally gluten-free/corn-free thickening agent - my go-to brand is Bob's Red Mill!

I think it's time to cozy up with my Turmeric Beef Stew!

Access the recipe HERE.

If you make this stew, be sure to tag me on Facebook or Instagram with your creation, letting me know what you think of it, and so I can drool over what you've created in your own kitchen!


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