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(Raw) Maqui Berry Pie

As we venture closer and closer toward the Fall season - the gorgeous colours, flavours and feels! - this (Raw) Maqui Berry Pie is an incredibly easy-to-make, no-bake dessert for you and yours to enjoy!

Once I became a Culinary & Holistic Nutrition Practitioner years ago, and deeply developed my from-scratch culinary skills (including that of raw, no-bake desserts), there was just no going back to conventional options laden with gut-triggering ingredients.

This gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free option, with it's STUNNING colour and flavour, just can't be denied!

If you have a 9" pie plate, food processor and blender, you're set!

Too easy to NOT be enjoying in your own household, that's for sure!

Have you heard of Canadian small business SMOOV™?

Their organic, Superfood Blends, Superfood PowdersAll-In-One Blends, and Bulk Ingredients, including several freeze-dried ingredients, are highly anti-inflammatory ingredients and nutrient-DENSE!

Maqui Berry is an exotic, deep-purple fruit that grows wild in South America. SMOOV™'s (organic) Maqui Berry powder is sustainably sourced from Chile – freeze-dried to lock in and preserve the nutrients…and the flavour!

Like other berries, and because it’s so darkly pigmented, it’s a powerful source of a group of antioxidants, called Anthocyanins.

These berries are highly anti-inflammatory, not overly sweet and have a bit of a tart taste.

Enjoy my ambassador link for 15% off your order at check-out, or use code JESSPNUTRITION at check-out instead, so you're all set to make this beautiful option!

Access the recipe HERE.

If you make this (Raw) Maqui Berry Pie, be sure to tag me on Facebook or Instagram with your creation, letting me know what you think of it, and so I can drool over what you've created in your own kitchen!


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