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Protein-Powered Iced Mocha!

Commercially-made iced coffees/iced mochas are often laden with...

  • Refined sugars
  • Artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners
  • Chemical additives
  • Concentrates

...and other junk!

The result?

Sugar crashes, weight gain, and inflammation!

If you've been following my nutritional + lifestyle content for some period of time now, you know I'm ALL ABOUT:

  • Knowing what's in your food (reading the ingredient list)
  • Building your health via anti-inflammatory ingredients, and
  • Having fun in your own kitchen with pantry/fridge staples that you build up over time!


A lot of things in life are PRETTY DARN EASY to make from scratch, and an invigorating, refreshing and health-building ICED MOCHA is one of them!

For those that are looking to wean off of coffee, due to:

  • Dysregulated bowel movements (so you can learn how your bowel movements are actually doing)
  • It's stimulation of your Nervous System, and resulting impact on your adrenal glands (the small, yet mighty glands that pump out your stress hormone Cortisol)
  • Blood sugar issues that are skewing your mood and energy levels throughout the day
  • Poor sleeps (due to feeling 'wired but tired' when your head hits the pillow at night)

Then, this beverage is for you!

Every carefully-selected ingredient serves a purpose and contributes to DELICIOUSNESS, without the energy spike + crash, jitters, anxiousness and inflammation that a refined sugar and chemical-laden alternative will bring about.

Here's my recipe!



Yield: approx. 3 cups

Time: 5 min

(+ time for pre-brewing/chilling the organic herbal tea base)


*Tea: I pre-brewed 2L by bringing 2L of filtered water to a boil. Then, I reduced the heat to a simmer and steeped 2 tea bags in the fluid for 10-15 min. Lastly, I let the tea cool a bit, poured it into 2 mason jars, let it come to room temp, then sealed and stored in the refrigerator until use!


  1. Combine all ingredients into a high-powered blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Pour into your favourite glass/jar containing a few ice cubes, drop in a straw, and enjoy! *The components parts will separate when it sits, so give it a good stir as you continue to sip, or a good shake prior to serving if storing it in an airtight container in the refrigerator.


Have you heard of Canadian small business SMOOV™?

Their organic, Superfood Blends, Superfood PowdersAll-In-One Blends, and Bulk Ingredients, including several freeze-dried ingredients, are highly anti-inflammatory ingredients and nutrient-DENSE!

What I love about their Euphoric Blend is that it's a combination of antioxidant-rich (raw cacao), flavourful ingredients, including adaptogens (maca + mesquite) and a natural, low-glycemic sweetener (lucuma) - it doesn't spike blood sugar levels. There is also no 'added sugar'  the naturally-occurring 1g sugar content from this blend of ingredients is so minimal.


Enjoy my ambassador link for 15% off your order at check-out, or use code JESSPNUTRITION at check-out instead!

If you make this Protein-Powered Iced Mocha!, be sure to tag me on Facebook or Instagram with your creation, letting me know what you think of them, and so I can drool over what you've created in your own kitchen!


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