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Mastering Your Intention Setting & Time Management Skills!

Effective time management, by planning ahead, is CRITICAL.

Amidst the daily demands of career, family life, remaining physically active, time for self-care and social connection, quality sleep, and nourishing your body with fuelling and energizing foods, keeping up with daily life effectively can feel like a daunting task!

Today I share with you my top 5 tips for Mastering Your Intention Setting and Time Management Skills!, so you can not only GET YOURSELF ORGANIZED, you can FOLLOW THROUGH and ENJOY THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOUR, too!

I feel like the ability to manage my time effectively was instilled in me at a young age. With a VERY FULL childhood of intensive dance and music training beyond the hours of the school day, being involved in extra-curricular activities that demanded such consistent time and effort propelled to me work hard to 'make it all work'! Because...I loved everything I was doing!

This skill has definitely carried into my adult life, in juggling being an Educator, an Entrepreneur/Nutrition Practitioner, a Wife, and so forth!

Planning AHEAD and setting my intentions for each coming week allows me to drastically increase the likelihood of achieving the short and long-term goals I set for myself monthly, quarterly, and on an annual basis.

In order to achieve my audacious goals, personally and professionally, it's been critical to CHUNK DOWN large-scale tasks and projects into small, manageable steps...focusing on ONE SINGLE STEP AT A TIME while keeping the bigger picture in mind.

Chunking down what feel like daunting tasks at the start, helps curb much overwhelm!

Chunking down also reassures you that you're always moving forward toward your end goal, but in a realistic, sustainable and far more enjoyable and less anxiety-inducing way. ;)

Add in a dash of organization, commitment, consistency, and the ability to be flexible and adaptive when life throws some curveballs your way, and we have a formula for SUCCESS!

Identifying what I'm working toward, followed by organizing myself and making a solid plan for the week ahead, has always been something I've enjoyed.

Waking up with a plan is GOLD, because your time is precious and valuable too, and this helps curb wasted time.

*Before I share my top tips with you, here's an invaluable activity to do first:

Track what you're doing every 30 min of your day for 1 week...using a digital tracking tool or a notebook.

Have you been at a loss as to where your time has been going, or are unsure as to just how much time you're spending on particular things?

Tracking your time for one week will not only reveal exactly where your time is going, it will reveal to you whether what you're spending time on aligns with your values and priorities, or not.

It's going to help you see where things might need to change.

Because, what we value, we prioritize, and someone's current calendar reflects their current values.


Let's go!



What sort of weekly/monthly template will you use? What appeals to you?

Whether it’s a hard copy Day-Timer/notebook, Google Calendar or otherwise, use what works for you!

Writing down your intentions is crucial - they cannot just be known and exist in your head! The moment you communicate them visibly, you'll not only start taking yourself more seriously, this also increases the likelihood of you following through.

*Next level strategy: post them in a place where others can see them too (e.g, fridge door), to make yourself accountable to others that you engage with often. A family member, for example, can check in as to how you're progressing, and help keep you focused on what you've set out to accomplish!



On Thursday evenings, I start to think about the weekend and coming week ahead.

For me, the best way to ensure productivity and success for the coming week is to maximize the weekend just prior!

On Thursday evenings, I consider those things appearing on my calendar for the week ahead, identifying any materials/supplies I need to obtain over the weekend, in order to not spend valuable time running around during the week (or last minute)!

I aim to pick up everything I need on Friday (also relying on delivery service as much possible), so I’m set for both the weekend and the week ahead.

If you're anything like me, you have better things to be doing than running to a dozen stores or more. Tedious!



I consider the amount of time it takes to accomplish what needs to be accomplished for the week ahead, whether it be client-related work, presentation prep, meal prep, movement time, personal appointments, time with family/friends, house cleaning, miscellaneous errands, etc.

I consider the 'deadlines' I've set for myself with these tasks, as some happen on set days/at set times (e.g. personal appointments), while others have more wiggle room (e.g. prepping for a speaking presentation).

Personally, I schedule in my personal appointments, movement time/self-care time FIRST, because these are non-negotiable, and because I can't fill the cups of others when mine is not topped up itself.

Treat these commitments with the importance that they have in supporting your state of health and wellness.

Then, I schedule in time for the largest, most challenging and/or most time-consuming tasks FIRST, working backwards to estimate how much time (over how many days) will be required.

From there, I schedule in the easier, less challenging and/or less time-consuming tasks, a couple of days, the day before or the day they need to be accomplished. These are always secondary to the bigger tasks, because if I were to do them first, I'd be fuelling procrastination. ;)

I also consider those quick, easily-accomplished tasks that can be worked into the work day during a few spare minutes here or there, such as responding to a few emails, making a phone call or paying a bill.



When juggling many responsibilities simultaneously, having a never-ending 'To Do List' you're constantly referring to is a NO. It took me awhile to get to the point of choosing the 3 MOST IMPORTANT THINGS that need to be accomplished each day, and being 100% good with that. I encourage you to do the same.

When I say Re-Evaluate daily, consider what has been accomplished during the course of that day and look ahead to what you have planned for the next day. As no day is fully predictable and no day unfolds exactly how we anticipate, chances are that the coming day may need to be reworked in some way.

Maintain those items that are non-negotiable, and reconsider other, less pertinent tasks that could either be delegated to others, pushed back a day or two, or cancelled/paused altogether.



Take time to celebrate your progress and achieving the intentions you set out with, and the short and long-term goals you achieve! This is SO important!

Celebrate in small or large ways that you most enjoy and that are of max. value to you, in your life, You know what those things are for you!


I hope these guidelines help you! They're intended to be applicable to any lifestyle, in shaping them to work for you.

I would love to learn what works for you! Tag me on Facebook or Instagram with a snapshot of you in action...planning and getting organized!


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