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Gut-Soothing Cucumber Mojito Blender Juice

With the summer heat in FULL SWING, I've got your back when it comes to fun and delicious bevvies that happen to be gut-soothing and health-building, too!

Your body will THANK you for this refreshing and invigorating alternative to an alcoholic option. Alcohol is rather triggering for the gut, liver and hormones, let alone chronic gut issues and autoimmune gut disorders.

A combination of cucumber, mint, lime, pure aloe vera juice and a touch of pure maple syrup with a base of filtered water, it's time to beat the heat with a bit of alkalinity and no shortage of flavour!

Aloe vera has a number of benefits for the body, particularly digestion:

  • Helps move things along with more ease if constipated, supporting intestinal motility and thereby supporting the cleaning of the intestinal tract
  • Contains live enzymes to help digest macronutrients, including fats and sugars
  • Natural wound-supportive properties
  • Cooling and soothing for digestive tract tissue due to its mucilage (slippery/thick and gloopy texture), therefore supportive of those experiencing stomach discomfort, ulcers, acid reflux, or GERD

It's time to kick back, and RELAX!

Access the recipe HERE.

If you make this mojito alternative, be sure to tag me on Facebook or Instagram with your creation, letting me know what you think of it, and so I can drool over what you've created in your own kitchen!


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