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2024 Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference!

The 16th Annual Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference, hosted by the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni Association, IS BACK!


April 13th in Calgary, and May 11th in Toronto!


This year’s theme is NOURISH OUR FUTURE: Explore the Science & Power of Nutrition


Whether you’re an alternative health and wellness practitioner, a medical practitioner, or simply deeply curious about learning more about the power and impact of holistic nutrition, this LIVE CONFERENCE EVENT is for you!


As a CSNN grad, Holistic Nutrition Practitioner and someone who has been impacted by an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle with my own autoimmune journey (IBD - Ulcerative Colitis), it’s a DREAM COME TRUE this year to be part of the panel speakers at the Calgary conference on April 13th!


I hope you’ll join me for my presentation:



The development and continuance of modern-day, conventional agriculture marked a volatile shift from traditional to westernized dietary patterns that bombarded society with no shortage of inflammatory exposures to the gut!


As a result, the types and prevalence of autoimmune disorders, due to disrupted gut microbiomes, environmental exposures and other key players, have been steadily ON THE RISE.


The relationship that exists between the nature/sourcing of our daily nutritional fuel and the functioning of the Immune System (largely housed in our gut!) is both INTRICATE and INTERTWINED.


Given the gut processes a HUGE volume of food intake throughout our lifetime and the gut cells represent the first line of defence against pathogens that have entered the body, it’s time to explore the big picture of autoimmunity:

  • The pre-cursors
  • Where human influence/empowerment lies in shaping the nutritional and symptom trajectory of these disorders
  • The types and sourcing of food-based nutrients that either continue to disrupt gut function, or soothe and repair it back to a thriving state of health!


If you’ve been following me here for some time, you know I am 500%(!) in support of strong gut health - supporting autoimmunity via an anti-inflammatory, therapeutic diet and lifestyle that allows you to navigate your autoimmune gut disorder journey with far greater confidence and ease!


At CHNC 2024, you'll not only enjoy the panel of live speakers, you'll have a beautiful opportunity to connect with this inspiring community IN PERSON, so your own health journey and lifestyle can be inspired!


*You'll also enjoy a SWEET swag bag, courtesy of Community Natural Foods, and all the recordings from both Calgary and Toronto presentations are included as part of your ticket.*


Early-bird ticket prices are now available, for CSNNAA members, non-members (the general public) and current CSNN students!


Check out my ambassador link HERE, to learn more and to access everything you need to join us LIVE!


Enjoy the early-bird ticket rate while you can, and we look forward to meeting you there! ;)

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