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REPAIR Your Gut. REGAIN Your Energy. RECLAIM Your Life.

A HIGH-IMPACT, nutrition and lifestyle coaching program for professional women navigating autoimmune gut issues, who want to release themselves from the discomfort, pain and unpredictability by stepping into powerful transformation...together.


Gut issues are complex. We need to take an inside-out approach to repairing and healing the gut, taking into consideration all of the health, medical and lifestyle history that has led up to this point. We work from the ground up, because we can't build a house with a wobbly foundation!


Gut issues don't happen overnight, so they're not resolved overnight either. Gut repair and healing is about building consistency with nutritional and lifestyle habits that in and of themselves are small. We need to know what to do, and be in ongoing ACTION with high-impact strategies specific to your unique circumstances. This is where the guidance of a qualified professional steps into the picture.


If you're:

  • Tired of visiting your primary practitioner(s) time and time again, gaining no specific answers or clarity, and feeling like you’re making ZERO progress as a result...
  • Coming across conflicting nutritional and lifestyle info online, so are feeling overwhelmed as to WHAT you need to reach your goals and HOW to get there...
  • Tired of doing countless food eliminations with no rhyme or reason, still unable to figure out what your exact gut triggers are...
  • Tired of trying random strategies and ideas you come across, hoping that they’ll be the ultimate solution...
  • Feeling confused, frustrated and hopeless to no end, because it feels like this will never get better for you despite SO MANY efforts...


And rather:

  • Want to wake up feeling like your gut ISN'T controlling you and your day and ALWAYS top of mind...
  • Want to stop cancelling plans because you’re not in a comfortable-enough state to follow through, let alone RELAX and ENJOY yourself...
  • Want to be FULLY PRESENT in ALL of your life’s most special moments...
  • In need of a LONG-TERM SOLUTION to the discomfort, pain and unpredictability you're experiencing...
  • Ready to WALK AWAY from active gut/bowel issues, for GOOD...


Then, The DI-JESS-TION Method is for you.



  • 20 weeks ongoing private coaching support
    • 60-min appointments at the start and end of program
    • 30-min weekly check-in appts at regular intervals in-between
    • Customized nutritional, supplement and lifestyle recommendations based on the screening tools I use + reliance on the GI-MAP Comprehensive DNA Stool Test as a baseline for developing your personalized, therapeutic plan
    • Discount on professional-grade supplements (as needed/recommended), drop-shipped to your home
  • 13 modules of nutritional and lifestyle curriculum housed in an online portal for self-paced learning in the comfort of your own home
    • Weekly content chunked down into short instructional videos and habit-based Action Tasks
    • Dozens of from-scratch, gut-supportive recipes encompassing meals, snacks and beverages as an anti-inflammatory baseline
    • Designed to build a solid foundation, ongoing momentum and habit-based consistency between our 1:1 check-in appointments
    • Lifetime access to content
  • Small group private coaching forum in a private FB community group for daily online support (20 weeks)
    • Accountability tools
    • Unlimited question-asking
    • A positive, supportive community of like-minded women
  • Weekly live, small group coaching call on zoom (live-streamed into the FB group for replay access) (20 weeks)
    • Additional live coaching opportunity for question-asking, etc. to keep you moving forward


Interested in learning whether this is a solid fit for you at this time?


Apply for one of my complimentary Digestion Breakthrough Call opportunities below.


Thank you! Looking forward to connecting with you!

Ready to get started?

Apply for a 'Digestion Breakthrough Call'

This complimentary phone consultation allows to us to do a deep dive with what's working and what's not, what you're looking to achieve, the roadblocks currently standing in your way, and most importantly, what supports need to be brought into the picture to see you THRIVE.

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