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Multi-Media Appearances

In this episode, Jessica has an in-depth conversation with Sabrina Orkies - Certified Holistic Healthy Life and Nutrition Coach. They discuss how health truly starts IN THE GUT, the 3 key players with autoimmunity and the supports that need to be in place in order to repair and restore gut function!

In this episode, Jessica has an in-depth conversation with Dr. Carly Hudson, D.C., about the four pillars of a healthy gut and how to shift your immunity out of 'Fight -or-Flight' mode. If you’re suffering behind-the-scenes with an autoimmune condition, it’s not too late to make dietary and lifestyle changes to live a pain-free life!

In this episode, Jessica has an in-depth conversation with Vista Global Media Collective about supporting the root cause of bowel issues. Repairing and rebalancing the gut is like any complex problem-solving activity – you have to look beyond the symptoms, probe deeper, and be supporting the ROOT CAUSE of inflammation and imbalances to experience true results!

Calgary is certainly a desirable destination in the heart of Western Canada! With the silhouettes of the majestic Canadian Rockies lending a picturesque scene in the distance, you’re sure to be intrigued by Calgary in more ways than one!

Jessica has crafted your 'Academy of Culinary Nutrition-Approved' HEALTHY CITY GUIDE to the best vibrant living Calgary, Alberta has to offer!

In this interview, Jessica has a chat with Malcolm Saunders, Owner of Calgary's 'Light Cellar' and Founder of the 'Calgary Fermentation Festival'. They discuss the importance of raw, unpasteurized ferments for a thriving gut!

Jessica was a GUEST PRESENTER at the 2019 Calgary Fermentation Festival, with her interactive culinary demonstration workshop - 'Kick It Up A Notch With Kimchi!'.

In this culinary segment Jessica demonstrates a from-scratch, flavoured Coconut Milk Kefir and Almond-Sunflower Granola, as raw, unpasteurized foods are POWERFUL ingredients for the gut!

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