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Service Offerings

Grocery Store/Health Food Store Tours

A Grocery Store/Health Food Store Tour is an opportunity to learn more about:


  • HEALTHWASHING - What is this? What does it mean for you, as the consumer?
  • Reading and interpreting food labels (e.g. what to look for and what to avoid)
  • Reading and interpreting ingredient lists (e.g. what to look for and what to avoid)
  • Ideal brands to keep your eyes peeled for
  • The most optimal ways in which to purchase (and store) food items sold in various forms and types of packaging with ease
  • How to best optimize time and finances when grocery shopping, for the most enjoyable and efficient experience possible!

Service Details


This service includes a consultation (up to 30 minutes in duration) prior to the tour day, in order to identify what your current grocery shopping struggles are and what you're looking to achieve.


We'll also pinpoint the grocery stores and/or heath food stores to be visited, and the areas of those stores that require the greatest guidance at this time.

Service Rate: Tours are based on an hourly rate of $100/hour (1-hour minimum). Multiple stores may be visited in sequence, as desired - a multi-store quote would be provided to you as needed (includes travel time b/w stores).


To inquire about a Grocery Store/Health Food Store Tour, please contact me HERE and provide a brief overview of what you feel your greatest grocery shopping struggles and needs are at this time.


Thank you!


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