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Service Offerings

Customized Recipe Bundles

We can easily get into a rut of relying on the same narrow scope of ingredients, as well as preparing and eating them in the same ways over and over again. Can you relate?


A Customized Recipe Bundle is the perfect way to EXPAND your culinary repertoire and REINVIGORATE your cooking, by bringing new ingredients into the mix and enjoying already-familiar ingredients in different ways than you're used to!

Service Details

An initial phone or zoom consultation (up to 30 minutes in duration), helps determine the desired types of meals and snacks you'd like to see included in your bundle, taking any food sensitivities/allergies into careful consideration.


The completion of a series of 7 (digital) Food & Symptom Journals help provide a detailed look at your current daily diet and meal/snack choices. This tool helps paint the picture of how your daily fuel currently looks, and what the logical next steps would be as I craft new recipe inspiration for you!


Five business days following the completion of the 7-Day Food & Symptom Journals, you'll receive your (digital) recipe bundle!


Customized recipe bundles contain 35 different recipes:

  • 7 breakfast ideas
  • 14 snack ideas
  • 14 lunch/dinner ideas

*Please note that these 35 recipes may be distributed differently than noted above, based on your needs and desires at this time.

Follow-up consult: 30-minute zoom call (a chance to debrief the recipe bundle content together, prior to you digging into the recipes!)


One 30-min follow-up call (phone or zoom) to connect about how the recipes are going, once several have recipes been tried (appt time TBD).

Service rate: $250

  • 30-min initial consult
  • Analysis of 7-day Food & Symptom Journals
  • 35-recipe customized bundle
  • 30-min zoom video call debrief
  • 30-min check-in call (phone or zoom)


To inquire about a Customized Recipe Bundle, please contact me HERE and provide a brief overview of what types of recipe ideas you're in greatest need of at this time.


Thank you!


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